Thurs Aug 19


This Thursday - Doolin's, Granville & Nelson, 10pm.  August 19th in case you don't have a calendar handy.

See you there!

T-SHIRT UPDATE:  People have expressed an interest, which is great.. we're getting our logo organized to the correct specifications and then uploading it to the appropriate website etc.   Once that is accomplished, hopefully in the next week, we'll post the information!  Very exciting!

Happy 10th Anniversary Rat Fans!
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This week - August 12-14

Hi Rat Fans,
We had a great Kilt Night down at Doolin's last Thursday. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed the evening!
This week we are back at Doolin's on Thursday August 12.  Granville & Nelson and 10pm showtime.

Friday and Saturday, August 13 & 14, we make ourselves home at the Dublin Crossing in Cloverdale, located at 188th and Fraser Highway.  9pm-12:30.

It's still our summer of anniversary, we are celebrating our 10th Year together. Be part of the celebration - come down and dance and sing with us, drink and be merry.  

Soon to come:  Halifax Wharf Rat T-Shirts!

Let us know how many you want to order.  Black shirts with Wharf Rat logo, the must-have item of the year.  

and the Rat Boys 

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August 2010

Hi all!

This Thursday is KILT NIGHT at Doolin's in downtown Vancouver, first Thursday in August.  Good news; we are on FOR EVERY THURSDAY IN AUGUST at Doolin's! 

We're also at the Dublin Crossing next weekend, Friday & Saturday, August 13 & 14.

And ... as a trio we are at the Atlantic Trap and Gill on Friday & Saturday, August 27 & 28.

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Hi all,
summer is here. The blog gets updated whenever I feel like it.  These are both true facts.  Sorry but there it is ;)

The Halifax Wharf Rats performed last night at a fundraiser benefit for the MS Society, a great event and a worthy cause.

This week - We are back at Doolin's on Thursday night.  

Hope you are enjoying the great weather!  

Michelle and the Rat Boys
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Back in the saddle

Hi all,
The blog hasn't been updated all that recently, my apologies.  I'm not quite sure how many people actually use this facility to keep track of the band.  We're looking to make a 'real website', and for that we need somebody who.. um.. knows how to make a real website.  Once we get that organized, I can keep it up to date and it'll be a little nicer than this.  But meanwhile, this isn't so bad.   ;)

Here's what I'm posting today:

We're at Doolin's this Thursday,  May 20, 9pm.
We're at The Dublin Crossing this Friday & Saturday, May 21&22, 9pm.

We've learned some great new songs.

We're very happy little rats.

Hope you are too... see you soon!!
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Life after St. Patrick's Day


Hi all,
Yes, there is life after St. Patrick's Day. It was quite a crazy week. Yikes.  But all good fun and green clothes and beer and all that.

This week:  We are on at Doolin's, Granville & Nelson downtown, 9pm.  Rev will be subbing in for Rick, so come on down and buy her a drink already. She works hard.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather, ah.. spring!  Puts a bounce in me step.

and the Rat Boys 
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The Rats are back, and so is the parking lot

At least I think so anyway.. the Irish House tent is either down or mostly down this week but either way, The Halifax Wharf Rats are back on stage at Doolin's!

The Olympics "pre-empted" the whole band, even though we originally thought the first two Thursdays anyway would be the full band, it turned into a Duo, Brian and me, on the small stage instead, even for Kilt Night in February. And small it is, too... eek!  Get yer elbow out of my ear, Brian!

Last week the band was a four-piece but featured Rosie from Blackthorn standing in for me, as I was a rat in Mexico for a week.  Thanks Rosie.. and on her birthday too!  Which was also Brian's birthday!!  Happy B-day to both of them.

So it's the regular band tonight.. see you downtown.. Granville & Nelson.

And next week.. a detailed schedule of the many St. Patrick's dates upcoming!!  so watch out for that.

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This week: Kilt night AND Dublin Crossing

Hi all,
Here we are looking at the Olympics coming around the corner.

But wait!!!   *screeeeech....*

Before all that, the full band of the Halifax Wharf Rats (four players and two mascots) will be performing at Doolin's both this Thursday (for Kilt night) and next Thursday as well.  You may know that the parking lot is now covered in a massive white tent and the inside contains what is to be called "Irish House" for a large chunk of February.  This means you'll need to park elsewhere and/or take transit. Let's face it; that would be easier and safer and then you can enjoy more beverages and dancing to the band.   So mark the first TWO Thursdays down on your calendar for downtown fun.

Besides that, we will also be playing at the Dublin Crossing for the weekend, Friday AND Saturday night.  This is Cloverdale, 188th and Fraser Highway to be exact.  Well semi-exact anyway :)

Starting Feb 13, there will be more music coming your way in the form of duos with Michelle & Brian, and the full band plays in Surrey at the Surrey Celebration Site for the Olympics as well.  So stay tuned.

(Oh!! an unintentional pun :)  There should be an Olympics for that, and then we'd like, so win.)

See you soon!
Michelle and the Rat Boys 
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Back at Doolin's again

Hello all!

After a little hiatus due to scheduling, the Halifax Wharf Rats will be at Doolin's pub again this Thursday, January 28th, 2010.
We enjoyed an evening last night playing at the Ocean Park Village Pub for Robbie Burns Day.  A great little venue and well received.

See you Thursday!   Granville & Nelson, 9:00pm